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Kick-Off September 12th, 2019
Competition details are released and teams will begin to form their ideas around the given objective.

Proposal Request
Teams begin proposals. Requirements for proposals are outlined in a reference document, “Proposal Submissions.”



Webinar with Dassault Systemes – November 4th at 1pm CST
Learn how to use Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE to help you create your proposal by attending a Webinar hosted by Dassault Systemes. To access the link, be sure to check your email for an update from c3info@gofirepoint.org. If you have not received the link, be sure to register for the C3 Challenge by November 1st, contact your team lead or email c3info@gofirepoint.org.


Intent to Compete – Due November 29th, 2019
Before submitting a proposal, teams must complete and submit an Intent to Compete form. This ensures that the teams submitting proposals are dedicated to the work set forth by their submission.


Participant Agreement

Participant Agreement




Proposals Deadline – Due January 6th, 2020
Teams submit proposals.

Down Select
Up to ten (10) qualifying teams will be selected to advance to further stages of the competition.




Statements of Work – Due February 3rd, 2020 at 5:00 PM CST
Selected teams will be required to submit Statements of Work that outline important project items, such as budget and period of performance. View Statement of Work example here.

Funding – Phase I
To ensure teams have the resources to develop Proof of Concepts, FirePoint will provide up to $10,000 for project development to each team.

Proof of Concept – Due February 24th, 2020
Selected teams will begin work on their Proof of Concepts. More information on Proof of Concepts may be found on the “Competition Overview” document or on the “C3 Proof of Concept Submissions” document.

Proof of Concept Evaluations – February 25-27th, 2020
Teams will give 30 minute presentations of their Proof of Concepts to the Mentors online. There will be time slots available over three days to present.



Down Select – March 2nd, 2020
After reviewing teams’ Proof of Concepts, up to four (4) teams will be selected to advance to the final phases of the competition.




Teams will begin physical manufacturing of their prototype using the methods they outlined in their Statements of Work.



Convergence Series: Wichita Workshop #1 – March 16-18th, 2020
During the first Convergence Series Workshop, a limited number of team members will be invited to a co-working event to present Proof of Concepts, begin integration discussion, and gain knowledge from industry experts.


Funding – Phase II
FirePoint will award successful teams up to an additional $25,000 per team to continue fabrication of their subsystem.


Convergence Series: Workshop #2 – July 15-17th, 2020
During the second Convergence Series Workshop, a limited number of students from the remaining teams will be invited to a co-working event to utilize collaborative software to explore future manufacturing methods.




Interference Analysis
Teams will have a final six (6) months to collaborate and integrate their subsystems into one, working UAV.

Convergence Series: Workshop #3
Convergence Series Workshop #3 will further explore the details of performing an Interference Analysis. Industry experts will be present and will act as mentors for participating teams throughout the event.

DEC. ’20

Convergence Series Workshop #4 (December 2020)
In the last installment of the Convergence Series Workshops, selected team members will unite to physically assemble the final UAV. Modifications and additional fabrication may be necessary during this event.



FEB. ’21

Final Reports
Teams will submit Final Reports to accompany their presentation during the Functional Demonstration. More details about Final Reports may be found in the “Competition Overview” document

MAR. ’21

Functional Demonstration
At this physical demonstration of the final UAV, teams will present to the Department of Defense and other industry experts their experiences and progress over the past 18 months.

Press Day
Following the Functional Demonstration, FirePoint will conduct a National Press Day to recognize successful teams in completing the competition.

Final Awards
Following the completion of the competition activities, any final awards/recognitions will be distributed to the teams.