The main advantage students will gain while competing is the network of industry professionals who will be working with successful teams on a personal level. Some of these professionals will also be offering students employment following the completion of the C3 Competition. And did we mention the $35k that each team could receive?

No. However, we do need for you to fill out the general information form found on the Home page by clicking “Register.”

We acknowledge that some students may graduate sometime during the competition. We expect that this will encourage the students to pursue their career over their responsibilities as a team member, but we will consider allowing graduates to remain on the team on a case-by-case basis.

No. FirePoint and its competition partners will cover the costs of travel during these periods for a limited number of student participants.

A limited number of team members (2-3) will be allowed to attend these events.

Due to the interactive nature of these events, we are limiting the number of students from each team to ensure that tasks are completed efficiently as a small team.

After the first down selections, teams will each receive up to $10k in funding to produce a Proof of Concept. After the second down selections, teams will each receive an additional round of up to $25k in funding for a total of $35k. Anything beyond this stipend must be covered through individual sponsors or other means.

Teams must design a subsystem, or component, to the UAV which may fall into one of the three categories: Airframe, Lift, Energy. Later in the competition, each selected team will work with each other to integrate their subsystem into one, unified UAV.

Using campus facilities often requires authorization from lab directors, whom are overseen by the Dean. The Dean’s signature ensures that a team will have the necessary resources on their campus available to them to use to develop their prototype.

We’re happy to hear that you are interested in partnering with us! Send us an email on the Contact page and include your company, phone number and what role you would fill as a Partner. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

You must be 18 or older and a university student to enter, max 15 students per team, teams must abide by the law, teams retain ALL intellectual property, individual team sponsors are allowed, teams grant FirePoint limited media rights to showcase your efforts, and the team’s university is responsible for managing stipend funding received during the competition. Please read the entire agreement carefully; this is not a substitute for the form.

Follow us on Twitter (@FirePointIC) for the latest in competition news, and keep checking your inbox for emails detailing important events.

Funding will be dispersed during the month specified on the Timeline page. It will be delivered to the university that the team represents and the university will be responsible for managing the funds.

No. However, the team may choose which category they deem the best fit and FirePoint may also move their submission into a new category if they would score better.

A panel of experts from our competition partners will oversee the scoring of teams’ Proposals.

No. Once it is submitted, there is no going back, so ensure that the team’s best work is expressed on the submission.

A team must consist of at least one student member and one faculty advisor.


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